While developing FLST 1.0, Chrome's built-in console logging service (console.log()) was used to log various FLST events with tabs.  Before the initial FLST release, tab-event logging had been disabled and user action is needed to enable it.  If anyone finds strange tab behavior or believes there's a defect, click Show-Info below and follow the instructions.

Sequence    Show Info

1) Enable FLST logging
Right click the FLST extension icon and select Options.
On the Options page, just after "FLST" near the upper-left, click on the black  «»
A box will appear with "tab-event logging: on".  FLST logging is now enabled.  Click OK or close the box.
Logging will be off the next time Chrome is started or when «» is clicked a second time.

2) Start the Developer Tools window
Right-click any extension icon and select "Manage extensions..."
Find "FLST Chrome" and click the small gray right-arrow, similar to
... then click the newly displayed link "background.html"
In the new window headed with "Developer Tools", click the second icon from the lower left, like  >≡
Now click the third icon (back-slash in a circle) to clear the console.

3) Repeat your tab activity
Now various FLST tab-events will be logged to the Chrome console.

4) Copy the log
Start Notepad or any text-editor. 
Switch to the "Developer Tools..."  window, move the scrollbar to the top, place the mouse near the upper-left of the scroll area, click and hold while dragging the mouse to the end, right-click and copy the highlighted text and paste into an editor.  Save the content to a file, eg tab-log.txt

5) Send the log file
Write an email message with a description of the issue and include a list of all installed Chrome extensions; attach the log file and send to this address:

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