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FLST Chrome is an extension for Google Chrome.  The primary feature provides natural tab ordering plus options for tab-flipping, new-tab focus, and new-tab positioning.  Some features are related to FireFox versions.  To view all features and options, click the Show/Hide buttons:
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• Original rev :: developed for Chrome 8.x in Dec 2010 – Jan 2011
• Natural tab ordering :: when the selected-tab is closed, Focus goes to the Last-Selected-Tab
• Multiple window support :: private tab ordering is maintained for each window
• Tab Migration :: tabs are also tracked when dragged between windows
• Privacy :: FLST only reads numeric tab-IDs (like 111, 14, 79...) while Chrome is running
• Options page :: right-click the extension icon and select Options
• Tab-flipping :: (option) a left-click on the flips the current & last tab   ← this works with all pages
• New Tabs :: (option) focus new tabs when they're created
• Tab Location :: (option) place new tabs on the far-right
• Logging :: (normally off) extension tab-events can be logged to the Chrome console   Info

When the already-selected-tab is clicked, Chrome ignores the event and does not call a listener
• Second rev :: developed for Chrome 16.x in Jan 2012
• Features :: Supports all original features from FLST Rev 1.0
• Tab-flipping :: Added keyboard shortcut F9   ← this works with most regular pages only due to ...

So far Chrome does not support GLOBAL keyboard shortcuts for extensions; see this Feature Request
While many keyboard shortcuts (not all) are visible to a content-script, Chrome limits them to
regular pages like  "file:///"  and  "http://"  and some  "https://"  ::  any added shortcut like F9
does not work with  "about:"  or  "chrome://"  pages   (eg: "chrome://newtab/")
Remember Tab-flipping always works with a left-click on the extension icon
Beware of installing other extensions that use F9 ... only one extension might handle F9 correctly
• Third rev :: Jun 2013, updated to manifest V2 for continued support with newer versions of Google Chrome
• Features :: Supports all features from FLST Rev 1.1

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